Manually install PicLens cooliris in your Gallery 2.3 upgrade or new installation

Recently I upgraded my gallery from 2.2.6 to major release 2.3, which was released on 2008-OCT-19. I was excited about this release mainly because of the Media RSS support in gallery's slideshow module, which is used by cooliris (formly named "PicLens") - a perfect way to watch pictures on web.

The update process of gallery was fine without any major error (except some language file missing). But, I was dissatisfied to see slideshow module was not functioning.

Going to Site Admin > Slideshow gave me following error:

PicLens downloads are currently unavailable.  Please try again later.

After searching through google and gallery, I found, people referring this issue as webserver being behind the firewall or for somereason my server is restricting the web access to get the required PicLens files.

I was desperate and decided to install the module manually. Step-by-step instruction is given below :




Step 1: (optional if you already have the slideshow module installed)

Download Slideshow module from and upload the extracted file to your gallery installation root.

Step 2: Download required cooliris PicLens files
There are two files required by this module according to

 version= jsUrl= swfUrl=
both of these files can be downloaded directly visiting the site (don't forget to rename 'piclens_optimized.js' to 'piclens.js'). For your convenience I've included them with this article.

Step 3: Upload these two files('piclens.js' & 'PicLensLite.swf') to gallery

Gallery's module related files resides inside your gallery-data folder which is by default g2data. So, you should upload these files to
 [Gallery2-ROOT]/g2data/plugins_data/modules/slideshow/ (Assuming your installation data dir is named "g2data")

Step 4: Update database to indicate that you already installed the files
Please note: Your table and column name may vary depending on the table name prefix and or case-sensitivity of database.

Before you add piclens record, you can make sure if there is not already existing record/variable value for PicLens by executing following SQL statement:

 SELECT * FROM `g2_PluginParameterMap` WHERE `g_pluginType`='module' AND `g_pluginId`='slideshow';
In "g_parameterName" column there should not be any value starting piclens.*******

Insert plugin variable and value to table "g2_PluginParameterMap". Execute following SQL statement :
 INSERT INTO `g2_PluginParameterMap` (`g_pluginType`, `g_pluginId`, `g_itemId`, `g_parameterName`, `g_parameterValue`) VALUES ('module', 'slideshow', '0', 'piclens.version', '');

Note: The PicLens/cooliris version number '' is default and stable for gellary2.3 and represents my attached file, you can install newer version(if available) from cooliris website (

If you are using phpMyAdmin, then you can navigate to the "g2_PluginParameterMap" table and click insert button to insert data. Check the screen shot. phpMyAdmin - Data insert

Step 5: Finally clear your gallery cache and web-browser cache to reflect your changes

Go to Site Admin > Maintenance and "run" the Delete database cache action to delete old cache and force gallery to reload fresh information.
Database Cache Clean - Screen Shot

Clear your web-browser cache. In most browsers, you can hold SHIFT button and press reload button to reload updated content.
Now, browse to any album at your gallery and click on the slideshow icon/link - vola!!! you've got PicLens slideshow.

Thanks for being with me.
Please add comments if you face any problem or if it really helped you.

Now that you've slideshow module installed, the first thing you would encounter while viewing the piclens slideshow is the slow-load time for pictures. This will happen if you have 5MP-10MP/hi-res images. By default, even if you have built resizes for your hi-res images, cooliris-slideshow module will pick the original image format.
To overcome this, suprsidr aka Wayne Patterson, owner of FlashYourWeb was kind enough to tweak the slideshow module to resolve this issue.
You can find more about this at:
His tweaked module can be found here:

piclens-lite-files-for-gallery-slideshow.zip261.14 KB



Thanks for your instruction. Unfortunatelly, the slideshow-swf will not show up, when I press on the slideshow-button.
I have flash enabled in the browser and also installed cooliris succesfully (it shows up, when pointing with the mouse over the pictures). Also tried the newest version, and the one which you are offering to download, too. I furthermore deletet the browser- and gallery-cache several times.

Any suggestions?

Seems like you followed everything but I can't guess what could be the problem here. But you can try re-installing slideshow module again.

First, Delete slideshow module - this will delete all files and data associated with it. Then, from "Get More Plugins" install the slideshow module again and activate that.

Second, Try to install Cooliris/PicLens from the slideshow module, if that fortunately works then nothing to worry about, you can discard further steps.

Third, Follow the instructions stated in this article. Hopefully it will work.

My slideshow module's data contains following informations:
SQL: SELECT * FROM `g2_PluginParameterMap` WHERE `g_pluginType` = 'module' AND `g_pluginId` = 'slideshow' ;
g_pluginType g_pluginId g_itemId g_parameterName g_parameterValue
module slideshow 0 delay 10
module slideshow 0 maxHeight 800
module slideshow 0 maxWidth 800
module slideshow 0 piclens.version
module slideshow 0 _callbacks getItemLinks|getSiteAdminViews
module slideshow 0 _requiredCoreApi 7,49
module slideshow 0 _requiredModuleApi 3,9
module slideshow 0 _templateVersion 1
module slideshow 0 _version 1.0.12

Note: I have few extra data than you'd see in your table.

It's OK with IE but with FireFox, I still get the original G2 slideshow. Any idea ?

You can try clearing the browser cache of Firefox.

Go To "Tools" menu and select "Clear Private Data" and select "Cache" and clear data. Try reloading the page. It should open the updated Cooliris/PicLens slideshow.


What a waste of time for a navigator without... flash ! I feel so pathetic. But it's ok now ;-)
There is just one more little problem of css with IE7 (ok with IE6 and FF) when gallery2 is embedded in wordpress via wpg2 (cooliris appears at the bottom of the page). I think that it's an easier pb than the first one :p.


I have the same problem and thank you so much for the sharing.
However, I can't complete step 3. I can't upload files into the plugins_data directory where the error 550 permission denied always come out. I have the admin right that I can copy files to anywhere except the plugins_data directory. I wonder if the folder is locked by some reasons but I can't fix it yet.

Any advice would be appreciated!


I have found the way to fix this and it works perfectly now.
Thank you so much!

Thx a lot, very useful.
Merci beaucoup.

Thanks for that write up. Worked perfectly!

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