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Long void period - new company, new job!

I've been away from my blog for quite a while. During this time lot has happened. I've founded an IT company with focus of creating quality mobile apps for current market. We've been creating some useful free apps and writing some technical blog on company web.

Installing ZendFramework on DreamHost - Quick-n-Dirty Guide

Install ZendFramework on DreamHost

Even though installing ZF on dreamhost is not so hard, I wanted to document the way I did it. This is quick way of getting development site up and running on ZendFramework, but for production use, please take extra caution when deploying application using this guideline.

Trac XML-RPC API Reference

After googling for a while I could not get the XML-RPC API for Trac. You only get this API specification when you install XML-RPC plugin for Trac (correct me if I am wrong). This Trac XmlRpc API is for reference only. Hope this helps somebody. Thanks

Shell script to backup all of your SVN repositories

If you have followed my previous article on "Installing subversion and trac on linux", you might want to periodically backup your SVN repos and trac instances.

Installing SVN-Trac on Media Temple (dv) 3.5 running on CentOS 5.3

Recently I had to move my Media Temple's (dv) server to new (dv) server. Their migration manager only migrated domain and database related datas, but not my previous installation of SVN+Trac. So, unfortunately I had no choice but to install them again. So, let's get to the point - How to install SVN & Trac on new (mt) dv-3.5 running linux CentOS 5.3

svn: OPTIONS request failed on /project/path - 500 Internal Server Error

svn: OPTIONS request failed on /project/path - 500 Internal Server Error

Setting CVS $Id$ tag equivalent in SVN through Eclipse

In CVS, $Id$ tag is probably most used tag/keyword. You can have similar effect in svn using keyword property.

Here is how you can do it:

Setting up through command-line/shell:

svn propset svn:keywords "Id" [file-name]
If you are using command-line only, then jump to final instruction

Manually install PicLens cooliris in your Gallery 2.3 upgrade or new installation

Recently I upgraded my gallery from 2.2.6 to major release 2.3, which was released on 2008-OCT-19. I was excited about this release mainly because of the Media RSS support in gallery's slideshow module, which is used by cooliris (formly named "PicLens") - a perfect way to watch pictures on web.

Using MS Access with Java through JDBC-ODBC connection


Microsoft has provided a method to build a quick Jet-Engine database on your computer without the need for any specific database software (it comes standard with Windows). Using this method, we can even create a blank Microsoft Access database without having MS Access installed!

Ever wanted to bulk update your photo gallery movie size?

Ever wanted to bulk update your photo gallery movie size? Now you can.

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